1 company’s video advertising tactic that helped rack up $six million in sales


When Lior Ohayon and Aaron Spivak introduced the Hush Blanket final year, they faced a difficulty that is frequent to numerous e-commerce entrepreneurs introducing a brand-new item.

They had to attain out to shoppers who’d never ever heard of a weighted blanket and persuade them to get out their credit cards and spot an order. “We couldn’t rely on men and women browsing for a weighted blanket,” says Ohayon. “They didn’t know what it was.”

So the pair hit on the thought of producing a video to inform men and women about their item which they claim acts like a warm hug, relieving strain and enabling for a much more restful sleep. They rented the celebration space at Spivak’s condo, pressed a buddy into service as the ‘actor’ and filmed a speedy clip. “I edited it myself,” says Ohayon.

The tactic worked properly — the Hush Blanket generated $600,000 in sales in its 1st year and is on track to sell $six million this year. Video advertisements have turn out to be the principal driver of targeted traffic. In truth, if your firm is not applying video, you just could be left behind. 1 Hubspot survey discovered 72 per cent of men and women would favor to find out about a new item or service by watching a video than by reading text.

Here’s what Spivak and Ohayon have discovered about having people’s consideration and converting them into paying shoppers with videos:

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Target your audience. Apart from operating video advertisements on their internet site and on YouTube, Ohayon and Spivak identified Facebook as the optimal platform to attain shoppers largely for the reason that it makes it possible for you to target an audience.

Initially, they focused on operating ‘retargeting ads’ aimed at men and women who had currently visited their internet site, but left without having purchasing. “The purpose was to get them back to make a acquire,” says Ohayon. “You finish up producing a faster return on your investment with retargeting advertisements, for the reason that these men and women have currently shown interest in your item.”

But at some point, Ohayon and Spivak had to attain out to men and women who had never ever heard of their item. Facebook permitted them to pick their audience by demographics, which includes age, place and interests. Or “you can appear at the traits of your present purchasers and have Facebook determine a ‘look-alike audience,’” says Ohayon. “They’ll say, here’s a million men and women who are pretty related to these purchasers and therefore are much more probably to obtain from you.”

The superior news: Facebook provides its targeting solutions absolutely free of charge. “You spend by the quantity of impressions (when men and women see your video), by engagement (when men and women like or share it) or when somebody clicks by way of to your internet site,” says Ohayon. For his firm, the return on investment for the video advertisements has been a lot greater than for image advertisements.

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Use written words as properly as audio. 1 survey discovered 85 per cent of Facebook videos are viewed on mute and there is proof that captions increase understanding. “We place subtitles on each single video,” says Ohayon.

Speak about advantages, not capabilities. Listing item traits (filled with glass micro-beads, applying a blend of cotton and polyester, 60 by 80 inches) seldom persuades men and women to obtain. As an alternative, says Ohayon, your video need to inform men and women what difficulty your item can resolve for them. His company’s video advertisements say items like “cozy,” “washable,” “fits any décor” and “if you have troubles sleeping, this child is the answer for you.”

Hone your strategy. Facebook makes it possible for you to run limitless advertisements and test them against every single other for effectiveness. The platform then “automatically optimizes whichever ad is performing superior,” says Ohayon. He estimates Hush has about 100 advertisements on Facebook that are basically edits of its videos. Some concentrate on strain and other folks on insomnia or getting chilled at evening. “We target unique angles and unique demographics,” he says.

Hold it brief. At 1 point, Ohayon and Spivak have been approached by a huge agency with a superior record of building item videos that went viral. The agency place with each other two humorous clips for Hush — for instance, 1 capabilities an insomniac waking up exhausted, throwing her alarm clock across the space and pouring coffee down her shirt.

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“We figured if we could make a funny video, and ideally it went viral, we wouldn’t have to place as well numerous advertising dollars behind it for the reason that men and women would just share it like crazy,” says Ohayon.

The difficulty: while the video got lots of likes and shares and engagement, it didn’t go viral. And eventually, men and women had to stick with it for a complete 30 seconds ahead of they even discovered out what item was on give.

The entrepreneurs had a lot much more achievement converting views to sales when they sliced the video down from 1.five minutes to much less than 20 seconds and focused tightly on the therapeutic advantages of the Hush Blanket.

“You want to clarify the difficulty inside like the 1st 10 seconds and then get to the resolution (your item) quite a lot suitable away,” says Ohayon. The most essential aspect is having them to click by way of to acquire your item or uncover out much more about it, he says, “and if it requires 3 minutes to get there, you will probably shed them.”