A Remote ‘Steel Tent’ Property Excellent For Obtaining Away


Occasionally there’s practically nothing far more satisfying than escaping the grind and surrounding oneself with nature.

Neil Soderlund managed to do just this when he purchased a home in the Watagan Mountains, beneath a two-hour drive from Sydney’s CBD.

The passionate mountain-bike rider generally felt the want to develop his personal bike-track so when he came across the 182 hectare spot in remote bushland, he decided to take the plunge.

Not only did he develop a track, he also designed a permanent vacation home in the middle of the bush.

Neil enjoys the diverse pace of life at his remote vacation property. Picture: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

“There’s an enormously higher bushfire danger in the region as it is strong forest,” Neil says.

“We decided we wanted to develop the home totally out of steel and non-flammable supplies. This way you can close up the box so it is fire-proof.

“Containers, which we decided to develop the home out of, are also comparatively inexpensive and modular to operate with.”


Opening the sides reveals a central living region and lots of windows. Picture: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

Constructed on the edge of a sandstone cliff that boasts a fantastic view more than the side of a valley, the spot selected has a 250m distinction in elevation so it proved a difficult project for a handful of causes.

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“When we have been creating there was no energy on the internet site so we couldn’t develop there that quickly,” Neil says.

“We fitted out 3 containers in Sydney and assembled them with some other pieces of steel, sliding doors and roofing to assistance the containers on internet site.”


The property is entirely closed off to the components when the family members is away. Picture: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

Neil didn’t want just any old vacation home, either, opting to build a living space that would be as close to nature as feasible.

“It’s truly an open outside living region just about like camping in steel tents,” he says.

“The two-by-two metre sleeping spaces are truly smaller. It is actually a double bed with a small bit of space off to the side.

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“In a single case we’ve elevated a double bed so there’s storage beneath it. There’s also a single with a bunk bed.”

It is the spaces in amongst the containers that have been set up as living regions.

“You get breezes flowing in the spaces amongst the containers which is very comfy. You just go into the containers to sleep or go to the bathroom,” Neil explains.

Even though the off-grid home catches its personal water and generates its personal power, there’s a satellite on the roof to take benefit of the NBN.

mountain view

A living region that requires in views of the surrounding mountains. Picture: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

The 23km bike trail has also been constructed, which darts by means of the trees taking benefit of the views, but 4 years on Neil says there’s nonetheless a lot to do creating-smart.

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“There’s generally a thing going on whether or not it is making new trails, new cabins for folks to keep in or modifications to the homes.

“I really like the creating aspect to it. I’m likely a frustrated architect deep down.”

modular shipping container home

The best location to admire the view from when on a weekend getaway. Image: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

From creating by means of to just enjoying the home and its surroundings, the project gives Neil a welcome break from his day job and the grind of the city.

“I feel the primary distinction out right here is that you do not really feel like you reside in the home, you reside outdoors the home,” Neil says.

“The home itself is only made use of for a quick list of purposes, such as cooking, sleeping, washing, going to the bathroom.”


A remote spot in the mountains about the central expense of NSW – far away from the day-to-day grind for Neil. Image: Fantastic Cop Undesirable Cop

It this regard, Neil’s property is the opposite of lots of people’s living circumstances exactly where property life is focused on what’s going on inside and the outdoors are usually forgotten.

“When you are in the forest you are living in the outdoors. You’re enjoying all the things that brings like the wildlife, the sun, the rain… it is a lot far more tangible,” Neil explains.

It sounds like heaven to us.