Are You Content With Your Life?


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Posted: 7/29/2019 | July 29th, 2019

I was lately gifted the sci-fi thriller Dark Matter. Without the need of providing also a lot away, the book revolves about the concept of a multiverse, exactly where each and every attainable outcome of a selection plays out — and each and every selection thereafter creates a further split and so forth and so forth. It is an infinite multiverse of all the attainable outcomes of each and every selection you could ever make.

But, to me, it is genuinely a book about regret.

It is about asking yourself what would have occurred if you had followed the road not taken.

Exactly where would you be if you had stayed with that girl, taken that job, or moved to that new city? Would you be happier as a outcome?

We map out how we hope our life will unfold.

1st this, then that, then this, then that.

But life in no way unfolds the way we think about it will. Life is not like writing a novel exactly where you can plot out how items will finish and make certain the characters behave as you want. Every single selection you — and these about — make all through the day shifts the path of your life.

Life is what takes place when you are busy creating plans.

1 day, we wake up and obtain we’re far off from the path we had hoped to traverse. We took a distinct job broke up with that girl suffered a well being concern, household death, or economic disaster moved someplace new decided to go back to college or met a person who inspired us to travel the planet.

A million and 1 items can pull us off the path we envisioned.

When you appear back on the entire of your life, it is simple to see exactly where you deviated from the path you laid out for your self. You can see the pivotal alternatives and moments that changed your life for very good or ill.

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What would have occurred if my pal Scott had in no way convinced me to go to Thailand all these years ago?

Or if I had missed that bus in Chiang Mai exactly where I met these backpackers who ended up inspiring my trip about the planet?

What if I had in no way began this weblog?

What would have occurred if I had stayed in Taiwan with my girlfriend all these years ago?

Humans are genuinely very good at asking yourself about what could have been. We have a tendency to appear at our life in retrospect and judge our previous actions by exactly where we are now.

But when we’re in our life, we do not see the grand vision we’ve laid out for ourself. We’re just attempting to get by way of the day as most effective we can. We’re pondering about the tasks at hand — the meeting in an hour, the laundry that requirements to be picked up later, what we’re going to make for dinner — not the huge image.

Our brains are not hardwired for that type of pondering.

For all our huge speak about how humanity is distinct mainly because we can consider about the future, we’re typically just like other animals: only seeing the moment proper in front of us.


When I moved to Paris, I had huge objectives. I was going to meet folks, attend influencer and tourism events, sightsee each and every day, and reside that #bestlife.

But by way of lengthy lunches and bottles of wine with mates and lengthy days writing my new book, and by catching up on sleep and hosting a lot of mates, I strayed far from these original plans. Hunting back, I did small of what I initially planned to do.

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In a sense, I failed.

And I could simply appear back with regret and wonder what would have occurred if I had carried out what I had planned to do. What would I have discovered about the city? Who would I have met?

But then I consider back to Dark Matters and the query that sets the entire book in motion:

“Are you content with your life?”

It is such a easy but highly effective query.

Beyond all the each day complaints and frustrations and minor annoyances, how typically do we genuinely ask such a deep and basic query?

“Are you content with your life?”

Day to day, it is simple to shed sight of the huge image. To in no way see the forest by way of the trees. To appear back and consider of the objectives we produced that we in no way reached.

But what we do each and every day is a reflection of our values and our objectives.

If you have lived your values each and every day, haven’t you genuinely reached these objectives?

When you zoom out and ask your self if you are content with your life, what do you say?

We get twenty-4 hours to make the proper option.

And if we fail, we get to wake up and attempt once again.

I wouldn’t trade these lengthy meals and writing sessions or these quiet nights in for something. They helped generate a sense of balance in my life the initial time in a lengthy time.

When I appear back at the what-ifs and see the alternatives I produced, I can not genuinely regret them — mainly because they brought me to exactly where I am now.

And, when you are content with your life, how can you genuinely regret the path that brought you there – even if it is not the precise 1 you planned?
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