Case Study: Launching a Tool on Solution Hunt is a Approach for Good results


This is such a accurate statement. If you effectively launch your tool, you can get a higher quantity of guests to your website. These guests can turn into day-to-day customers and accelerate your income target.

Even in our personal group, we didn’t know this at initially. We wanted to move our startup additional along and come across methods to shout about our Search engine optimisation tool to a broader audience. As we brainstormed, we also came up with the concept of ​​launching the tool at Solution Hunt. Lastly, we tagged this concept with a reduce priority and postponed it. Later, we got back to it, ready it correctly, and the final benefits shocked us pleasantly. Thanks to PH, we have received optimistic feedback on the tool, along with a lot of new registered or paying prospects.

Solution Hunt is complete of people today who are passionate about technologies, designers, marketers and developers in need to have to make their function or life simpler by utilizing far better applications. What ever your application is, launch it on Solution Hunt!

Spotibo is a precise tool that can not be made use of by everybody. It is an Search engine optimisation analyzer that can only be made use of by a particular person who has his personal web page or by a consultant assisting a client with search engine optimization. This is the explanation why we have been shocked by the feedback and attain we accomplished.

So, I am pleased to share our benefits and approach with you.

What are the major objectives of a PH campaign?

To get site visitors and new prospects. I will not inform you how to turn site visitors into purchasers, but I’ll inform you how to get site visitors to your website from Solution Hunt. To get the maximum benefits, attempt to be in the top rated five. If your solution tends to make it to the top rated of the list, all Solution Hunt e-mail subscribers will get a newsletter a day later, exactly where your tool will shine and you will get even extra site visitors.

Spotibo on Product Hunt

Best hunts for the duration of our launch day. Our profile on PH right here.

What internet site visitors to count on?

The answer to this query is extremely subjective. If you prepare every little thing for the launch in the greatest attainable way, then you can count on site visitors to be several instances larger than you are made use of to on a typical basis.

In our case, we added 1,596% extra new customers for the duration of the launch day compared with the preceding day. The site visitors kept coming for the duration of the subsequent two days in higher numbers, as well.

Traffic growth after launching on PH
Visitors development thanks to launching on PH.
The difference in traffic before and after launch on Product Hunt
The distinction comparing launch day and the day just before.
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And what about on the net consideration and backlinks?

We received dozens of tweets on Twitter, so the consideration was large! But what was extra intriguing to us have been backlinks.

We really like backlinks. We are Search engine optimisation specialists, so we know how domain authority is significant, and that backlinks can support us to get far better rankings. We also know how really hard it is to get them.

Following the launch, people today began writing about the tool spontaneously, and for absolutely free! They published testimonials and guides on how to analyze Search engine optimisation, and they published it not only in English but also in unique languages.

How to prepare for the launch:

When I was preparing the Solution Hunt checklist for my group, I got inspired by this checklist from SpreadShare. In their checklist, there are tons of cool guidelines to not neglect any single step all through the method of preparation, submission, outreach and stick to-up. I made a brief version of the checklist according to the requires of our personal operating program, and we followed these 20 methods a single by a single.

There are many guides on how to run a Solution Hunt campaign on the internet, and I do not want to repeat the very same “tips” all more than once again. As an alternative, I will attempt to skip to the concerns that came to my thoughts for the duration of the preparation itself and for which we have been unable to come across answers.

Do we need to have a solution hunter?

When you appear at the merchandise on PH, you will see that some have been submitted by the creator, and some have been made by an additional particular person — by a solution hunter. What is far better? Honestly, I do not know. Online opinions differ. Although a person explicitly recommends reaching out to a solution hunter who would be prepared to launch the solution and help it in front of his PH followers, some say it is nonsense to annoy people today who might have absolutely nothing to do with the results of the tool.

In the starting, I went the initially way, and I was seeking for a solution hunter who would be interested in our tool and could look at it a high-quality a single. There is a list of the top rated 50 hunters exactly where I approached 3 customers by way of LinkedIn, and I have not received any answers.

Top 500 hunters

So, I chose an additional approach. I opened previously submitted merchandise that have been related to our tool (some sort of competitors). I rummaged amongst the customers who supported, commented or submitted the merchandise and began to outreach them. Lastly, Nivas Ravichandran, who also wrote the report How to create leads on Solution Hunt, mentioned yes! Despite the fact that he is not in the top rated 50, the launch of the tool was smooth, and I believe his help helped us.

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Can I transform solution facts submitted by a hunter?

Cool, I discovered a person who will do the job. But what if I need to have to transform facts about the tool later on? Can I do that?

Yes. Hunter tagged me and our CEO as makers, providing us the correct to make any alterations. In addition, we could also add a comment below the solution to describe our story and the trouble we are attempting to resolve with our solution.

When is the greatest time for launching?

The answer is very simple – 00:01 Pacific time (PT). At that time, a new day begins on Solution Hunt. The sooner you get to the list of merchandise, the extra time you will have for advertising it and to succeed.

Following launching our tool, I noticed that other merchandise popped up in related time. In the course of the day, extra projects had been added, but only a couple of. This lowered their possibilities of finding a bigger quantity of upvotes — a lot!

It was so significant that our solution hunter knew that our solution required to be posted for the duration of that time. He wouldn’t have accomplished that if it was three a.m. and he had been sleeping. We have been fortunate since it was 9 a.m. for us in Europe, two p.m. for our hunter and midnight in Pacific time.

What promo supplies do I need to have to prepare?

All these promo supplies are required:

  • Screenshots of the tool
  • Logo
  • Title
  • Brief description
  • Creator comment

Be confident to be as inventive as attainable in this section of preparation. Style and entertaining play a large element on Solution Hunt.

We attempted to play with the logo (for which we at some point made the gif), title, key phrases and emoticons. On the other hand, we didn’t prepare a breathtaking video, and our image supplies could have also required the touch of a graphic designer.

Logo in gif

Do I need to have to help my web page?

Yes, you do. Despite the fact that we received 1,300 sessions, our tool was a bit overloaded, and regrettably, we had some blackouts. All through the day, our developers have been prepared to act quickly.

Really should I develop a landing web page?

We have been also pondering if we really should develop a landing web page especially for PH. Some makers develop a landing web page that includes some graphics edits. Some of them also supplied discount code. Some makers do not adjust the landing web page at all.

We decided to add a very simple banner with a discount to the top rated bar. I believe it was a fantastic selection. Customers of Solution Hunt who clicked via our website saw that they have been in the correct spot. In addition, I look at it extra qualified if the launch is prepared on all fronts.

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The discount prompted many customers to acquire our tool, which was a fantastic outcome.

homepage edited for Product hunt

What we had forgotten and what we thought of to be significant just after the truth was the preparation of this landing web page for indexing on Google. Our PH optimized landing web page was duplicate ( engine optimization-analyzer?ref=producthunt to engine optimization-analyzer). Following we got enhanced site visitors, mentions from Twitter and a couple of backlinks, Google began indexing this web page, and we seriously didn’t want that.

Thus, when producing a new landing web page for PH, do not neglect to spot a canonical tag in the header of the web page. That really should make certain Google understands which URL is exclusive and which a single is duplicate.

Can I market it?

Yes and no.

Upvote requesting is not officially permitted. Be conscious that you can not ask good friends or customers for upvoting. Despite the fact that, you really should totally inform your consumers or followers that it is a large factor for you and they really should verify it out.

In the course of our launch, we have been consistently monitoring the improvement of upvotes, along with the comments we have been answering. At the starting of the day, the tool remained at fourth or fifth spot. Following a couple of hours, an additional solution took more than. All of a sudden, we have been in the sixth position. I was shocked. and I was also worried we would keep in sixth spot and therefore we would not get to the top rated five merchandise of the day. But the extra I observed the solution that took more than ours, the extra I started to suspect the unfair practices they made use of to get extra upvotes and comments. The numbers grew swiftly, and the customers who have been involved have been largely newly-established accounts.

A couple of hours later, the solution with a larger quantity of upvotes fell to a position below Spotibo. The group at PH almost certainly judged that they have been utilizing unauthorized promo and manually moved them down.

The lesson is clear — do not push really hard, since you can get into problems and you will not get to the top rated five. Upvotes have to appear as all-natural as attainable and shouldn’t be received only from new accounts or customers from a single nation.

My final tips is — do not hesitate and launch as quickly as your solution is prepared it is worth it.