Does Your Property Have A ‘Concept’ And Need to It?


In a planet exactly where white walls, predictable floorplans and simplistic finishes are thought of cookie-cutter, we cannot enable but agree with interior specialists developing a convincing case for the ‘concept’ house. 

With so quite a few character-filled ideas to pick out from – from industrial loft living and coastal chic to countryside cottages and the Scandi barn look – landing on one particular that is proper for you and for your house can be difficult. 

Interior style articles, magazines and Pinterest boards are all beneficial tools for inspiration when it comes to selecting a idea for your house, but there’s merely no improved way to trial if a idea suits you than by immersing oneself in the style attributes completely, even for just one particular evening.

Colour shouldn’t generally be restricted to the walls and soft furnishings. Why not take your palette to the carpet?

Boutique or idea hotels are practically nothing new, in spite of a lot more and a lot more cropping up just about every couple of months. Some carry historic style attributes and structural components that have been about for quite a few years, like the Ovolo in Woolloomooloo its bones date back to 1912. 

As we tour this floating, pier hotel on the Sydney Harbour, interior designer Tim Leveson shares his favourite attributes and strategies to recreate the appear at house. 

ovolo hotel sydneyq

The Ovolo in Woolloomooloo, like Tim’s Volkswagen Touareg, tends to make idea luxury really feel like the new required.

How idea hotels like Ovolo can inspire our residences

You will not come across a lot of white inside this timber dwelling wealthy colours like teal and infant pink dominate the suites, and Tim says we can count on to see this ‘playfulness’ with colour be implemented in our personal residences. 

Far more and a lot more, individuals are becoming significantly less afraid of producing a bold statement with striking colour palettes and style.

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“There was a period of time in house style exactly where almost everything was white-on-white on white, but the spaces that leave a lasting impression – irrespective of whether you see them in a magazine or expertise them in a hotel area – are the rooms that are colourful and expressive,” Tim says. 

Art is so critical to homemakers now, says Tim. “People are understanding how enjoyable it can be to invest in artwork and how it can give your interior spaces a bit of character.”

Out-of-the-box decor tips are important to producing an influence in your space, and what improved way to get inventive with your art than to take it off the walls and show it on your headboard?

painted headboard

Art on the walls is one particular factor, but a painted headboard? Now that is out of the box.

Make the most of old when adding new attributes

Inside, the Ovolo’s original exposed wooden beams and timber floors play good with ultra-modern finishes and artworks. It is a juxtaposition that “just works”, says Tim.

He suggests when undergoing any sort of renovation or refurbishment to very first take note of the original style attributes that could be kept or merely updated. It is the single easiest way to boost your space’s original character and character, he says. 

“I would generally encourage individuals not to throw away almost everything and start out once more. It is genuinely fantastic, each for the atmosphere and for your home’s character, to preserve issues that have a story and history.”

ovolo hotel interiors

Upcycle old furnishings for a lived-in really feel that separates your house from other individuals.

As an alternative of gutting your house for the duration of a reno, a fantastic checklist to start out is with the floors, the walls, and some designer lighting. “Strip the floors back and give them a cool polish, paint the walls in a cool grey or white, furnish with marbles and timber tones and set up some amazing designer lighting,” Tim says. 

“The juxtaposition among these new attributes with your old skirting boards and ornate ceilings is adequate of a start out to bringing character into your space.”

red cushions

“An old interior can appear sensational with a splash of modern day art or furnishings,” says Tim.

Invest in custom finishes, or make your personal!

It only requires one particular statement function to leave a lasting impression. The suites at the Ovolo are packed with memorable artworks, but none get the guests speaking a lot more than the neon fireplace. 

Tim says: “What Ovolo has carried out so effectively is the use of colour, art and surprise. There’ll be a neon size says ‘I want you tonight’ and the neon fire in the ‘INXS Rockstar’ area.”

Of course, you could have your personal neon sign produced, or you could play about with a further thought that enables you to produce a function of your extremely personal to enjoy and cherish. 

“In my house, we have a substantial old gum pine table. It is a substantial old college table and it has names of previous students carved into it. I could have bought a brand new table, but I loved the story and the history of the piece. Plus, it genuinely tends to make the area,” says Tim.

neon fireplace

Toasty, and hardly a fire threat!

It might really feel extravagant, but investing in designer finishes in your house can make you realise you are worth a small bit a lot more. Quickly they will not really feel extravagant, but altogether required.

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All photos by Caroline McCredie. 

Suites at Ovolo start out at $1,829 a evening. Book your keep right here.