Dreamy Art Deco Tiny Residence in Fitzroy is Just 23sqm


There’s no denying that tiny living is possessing a moment, with smaller sized spaces getting celebrated about the planet. But this location is proof compact living is no passing fad. 

Tiny living enthusiasts are embracing new developing approaches to generate properties that have all the liveability of a complete-scale property but on a tiny footprint – but handful of are conscious that the notion has been in play in several types about the planet for a lengthy time.

Constructed in 1936, the Cairo Apartments in Fitzroy is a single such location. Made as an experiment in minimal living, the apartment improvement and its residents are nonetheless reaping the advantages more than 80 years later.

The internal region of this historic apartment is a lean 23sqm. Image: Tom Ross

The fortunate residents of the Art Deco-style apartments joyfully embrace a tiny footprint due to the fact the properties are functional, gorgeous and effectively deemed, with a lot of the storage and furnishings constructed in.

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The developing also encourages neighborhood by possessing outside spaces for residents to get with each other and delight in every other’s organization as a lot or as tiny as they’d like.

apartment exterior

This apartment block was constructed with neighborhood in thoughts. Image: Tom Ross

We spoke to a single resident, architect Michael Roper from Melbourne’s Architecture Architecture, to come across out how he finds living in a 23sqm apartment in Fitzroy.

“This developing is celebrated as a single of the initial examples of testing the notion of tiny living,” he says.

“In terms of place, I enjoy getting close to anything. Getting close to the city and getting opposite Carlton Gardens is good.”

apartment interior

Resident Michael Roper finds living in his 23sqm apartment a breeze. Image: Tom Ross

But extra than just a common apartment, it is good getting aspect of a neighborhood, he explains.

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“Everyone in the neighborhood engages to a higher or lesser extent. It is good getting aspect of a broader loved ones.”

house apartment facade

The Cairo Apartments have been constructed back in the 1930s as an experiment in minimal living. Image: Tom Ross

When it comes to living in a tiny space, Michael also definitely loves how fast and straightforward it is to retain clean and tidy.

“The flats have been set up as a bit of an experiment in delivering for a life of relative comfort and luxury inside a tiny footprint”

But what tends to make a tiny residence really good? When it is fairly straightforward to set up fold-out furnishings, it is tougher to make the spaces really feel grand and light.


Higher ceilings and lots of organic light make these apartments a delight to reside in. Image: Tom Ross

The Cairo Apartments delight in gorgeous timber joinery, higher ceilings and clever storage options. This signifies a bedroom can transform into a study or an entertaining space in a manner of seconds, proving tiny spaces can pack a large punch if they’re developed correct. And shouldn’t we all be aiming for far better-developed properties that demand fewer of the Earth’s sources?

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We’re seeing a trend of residence sizes expanding even as the size of households lessen. Spaces like this prove that larger homes do not necessarily imply far better homes, Michael says.

“It can be straightforward to neglect that you do not need to have a separate space for anything you do,” he explains.


Sensible internal storage signifies you wont have to deal with clutter. Image: Tom Ross

For these interested in producing a new property, Michael says do not be talked into developing a residence bigger than what you need to have.

“You can reside in a fairly tiny footprint”, he says. “A comfy way of life does not imply possessing to reside in a huge residence.”

And the proof is there for all to see, extra than 80 years on.