five Challenging-To-Kill Indoor Plants Fantastic For Your Location


What’s not to adore about indoor plants? Not only do they beautify your location but they’re established to make you happier and assistance clean the air you breathe. 

Although not all of us are organic green thumbs, getting a plant parent is created simpler with particular varieties – which means you do much less operate and cultivate a far better-searching plant.

Here’s a list of the most challenging-wearing, low-fuss, easygoing plants that will make you appear like the plant-whisperer you often wanted to be.

1. Snake plant (Sansevieria)

At the prime of our list is the classic snake plant, also identified as “mother-in-law’s tongue”.

Hot or cold, summer time or winter, the snake plant has to be 1 of the hardest plants to kill, creating it 1 of the most effective indoor home plants for your tiny apartment, share home or busy family members house.

The snake plant will survive in pretty much any circumstances you throw at it. Image: Erinna Giblin

Why is the snake plant so challenging to kill?

The snake plant is notoriously challenging, thriving on neglect and low water circumstances. It’ll survive weeks, at times months, involving watering and nonetheless appear fresh.

They will develop in low light or vibrant light, which suggests they can go in quite significantly any space in the house.

Strategies when expanding snake plants

Really like your snake plant so significantly you want extra? The mother-in-law’s tongue is uncomplicated to propagate. Basically pull a stem off from the base and poke it into a new pot of soil. With a tiny care and some watering, it will ultimately spring into a healthful and thriving snake plant.

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two. Peace lily (Spathiphyllum)

If you are but to have luck with indoor plants, the peace lily could be calling your name. This indoor plant is a superstar for ‘black thumbs’ as it can survive in dimly lit, dark apartments and residences with restricted organic light.

peace lilly

A classic indoor plant, the peace lily is uncomplicated to care for and maintain alive. Image: Getty

Why is the peace lily challenging to kill?

Peace lilies call for watering about as soon as a week, and get this – they can even develop beneath harsh fluorescent lights, creating them perfect for offices and bathrooms. They adore warmer spots (immediately after all they do come from tropical rainforests) so maintain them away from draughty locations.

Strategies when expanding peace lilies

Although these resilient home plants will survive by way of the seasons, they are sadly pretty dangerous to pets. If you have a curious indoor kitty, we advise steering clear of the peace lily, in spite of its beauty.

It is also most effective to maintain these out of attain of tiny kids if there’s a possibility they’ll ingest any portion of the leaf.

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three. Spider plant (Chlorophytum comosum)

A single of the most enjoyable and hardy indoor plants is the quirky spider plant. It can reside by a window, in a dark space or hanging from a planter anyplace in the house.

These uncommon-searching indoor plants also produce a lot of wonder and interest as they develop, they sprout vibrant-green new leaves.

The spider plant has been trending for some time, specifically considering the fact that the resurgence of macrame plant hangers it is a plant that is appropriate for even the laziest of plant owners.

Spider plant

When the spider plant is ‘happy’ it shoots off quite green tendrils. Image: Erinna Giblin

What tends to make the spider plant so challenging to kill?

Spider plants choose to dry out fully involving watering – so your half-hearted watering efforts will not bother this guy at all.

Strategies when expanding spider plants

If you’d like extra tiny spider plants, these guys are super uncomplicated to propagate. Just plant 1 of the child spider plants in a pot of soil and water nicely.

But do not separate from the mother till you can see it is formed its personal root technique. Then it is superior to go!

four. Rubber tree (Ficus elastica)

The sleek and glorious rubber tree has created it to our list as it is so uncomplicated to care for it is ridiculous.

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This ingenious plant will also clean the air of toxins like formaldehyde, creating your house not just stunning but healthier, also.

The most effective bit? It’ll impress your good friends with its lush, juicy-searching leaves.

Rubber tree

A lush and hardy inclusion, the rubber plant will grow to be your most effective mate. Image: Getty

Why is the rubber plant so challenging to kill?

Not positive if it demands water? It is so uncomplicated to verify. Simply press your finger into the soil and if it is dry an inch down then your plant demands watering.

It will have to have extra water in the summer time months, of course, but will definitely final all through the altering seasons.

Strategies for expanding rubber plants

It is a superior concept to clean the leaves of your rubber tree with a damp cloth and some lukewarm water each now and then to assure there is no create-up of dust.

five. Dracaena

You can do no incorrect with a classic dracaena plant. With a tropical appear and spiky foliage, the dracaena purifies the air when searching fabulous, creating it a pretty well-known decision for the house.


The dracaena is a sculptural and stunning addition to any indoor space. Image: Erinna Giblin

Be warned, this plant can be toxic to cats and dogs, so maybe maintain them in fur-no cost residences only.

Why is the dracaena so challenging to kill?

All you have to have to do to maintain the dracaena satisfied is to maintain the soil moist (but never ever soggy) and prune when it gets also unruly.

Strategies for expanding dracaena

Overwatering and/or a lack of drainage can harm your dracaena plant, causing rotting roots and drooping foliage. Be positive to pot the plant in a vessel that has drainage holes, and use a superior potting mix.

Asking yourself what’s the subsequent ‘it’ plant?