five Design and style Blunders Interior Specialists Normally Notice


From deciding on paint hues to picking the ideal furnishings pieces and deciding on finishes, there are numerous choices to be created when building your dream space.

So a lot of, in reality, that it is close to not possible to nail every single single a single. However according to the specialists, there are some design and style errors that can — and need to — be avoided at all expenses.

We asked 5 of Australia’s most insightful interior specialists to reveal the major design and style faux pas they most typically notice — and most importantly, how to repair them. From rushing choices to deciding on the incorrect size rug and not thinking about scale — this is what not to do, according to the pros.

1. Rushing the design and style approach

Jason Grant, stylist and author, says: “The quantity a single design and style error I think persons make is rushing when designing a new space.

“Things take time so permit your renovations and decorating plans to evolve and be fluid. Attempt points out, strategy ahead, do your analysis, ask for other opinions or uncover an specialist.”

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He continues: “It’s significant to construct your self-confidence more than time so take the stress off oneself and give oneself affordable deadlines.

“Whether it is a kitchen renovation or a modest styling project, pace oneself and investigate all your choices to seek out the very best choices and solutions you can uncover — be it a bathtub, an appliance or even a cushion. Your dwelling need to be a reflection of you so permit it to be a perform in progress.”

Fantastic styling in your personal dwelling requires time. Image: Jason Grant

two. Poor rug placement and size

Steve Cordony, interior stylist, says: “One of the greatest errors I have a tendency to see in interiors is the incorrect size and placement of rugs. I usually choose to have at least the front two feet of a sofa or armchair on the rug, which connects almost everything in the space.”

He says a 2x3m rug is a fantastic all-round size, but advises you usually measure the space and perform it out proportionally to get it appropriate.

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“When operating out a rug beneath a dining table, measure the table dimensions and add around 60cm to every side to permit for the chair to be pulled out.”

rug size

Get your rug proportion appropriate, preferably with at least the front two feet of a sofa or armchair on the rug. Image: Steve Cordony

three. Improper proportions of lighting components

Natalie Walton, interior stylist and author, says: “One of the most frequent errors I see in relation to people’s properties relates to scale. Having proportion appropriate is so significant to aid define a space and a single of the most frequent applications of this relates to lighting.”

She says that in most situations, larger is much better. “If your ceilings are higher, it is crucial to produce anything that has adequate volume to fill the space. And if your ceilings are reduced, then use pendants — or wall lights — to produce a sense of intimacy. You do not want persons to be banging their heads on pendants, but you do want persons to see them, and for them to aid frame the space.”

natalie walton styling

If your ceilings are higher, it is crucial to produce anything that has adequate volume to fill the space. Image: Chris Warnes

four. Flat cushions that do absolutely nothing for the space

Emma Blomfield, interior stylist, says: “Pancake flat scatter cushions is the most frequent design and style error I see.”

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She would usually advise you invest in feather inserts for your scatter cushions as polyester filled inserts will flatten down inside moments of stuffing your new cushion covers. “Plus they are not anyplace close to as comfy to snuggle into!”

Emma says “feather inserts make your cushions appear much better and mould to your physique when you lean back into them just after a lengthy day”.

emma bloomfield styling

Be confident to invest in feather inserts for your scatter cushions. Photo: Liam Molloy, Styling: Emma Blomfield

five. Inconsistent interior themes

Kate Lawrence, interior designer at Kate Lawrence Home, says: “Mismatching diverse designs and losing consistency all through the dwelling is a design and style error I frequently notice. It is usually apparent if a person has fallen victim to the Pinterest maze and has a wish to cram an element of several designs they like into a single space.”

She says meshing diverse interior designs with each other can produce aesthetically disconnected rooms. Her assistance? “Start by establishing a notion by means of designs, colour palettes and design and style attributes that strongly resonate with you and use it as guide to ground you.”

kate lawrence lifestyle

This streamlined interior succeeds due to its minimalist coastal style carried by means of the space. Image: The Muse Collective/Salt at Shoal Bay