five Storage Options for a Bedroom-Meets-Study


In an era when we’re continuously on the go, it tends to make sense that our bedrooms serve several purposes. They’re no longer just sleep spaces – bedrooms require to double as study and activity spaces, also.

In Melbourne suburb Mt. Waverly, Charlie (who’s in his final year at college) had outgrown his bedroom and it no longer was a accurate reflection of him.

He was frustrated with the layout and lack of storage and wanted to proudly show his record collection, organise his sports gear and be capable to study for exams comfortably inside his bedroom

If your bedroom doubles as an activity zone, it is crucial to maximise space.

Meanwhile in Bidwell, NSW, mum-of-two Kasia worked from her bedroom, so she necessary a space that could effortlessly transform from expert operate atmosphere to relaxing sleep retreat.

Right here, IKEA Australia Interior Design and style Leader Christine Gough shares how IKEA solved frustrations inside every single bedroom.

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Study on to discover how you can also build a bedroom that can effortlessly double as a study or operate space.

1. Reconfigure your wardrobe

Prior to IKEA revamped Kasia’s bedroom, her operate was taking more than the space and her files necessary storage.

The group made use of a BERGSHULT / EKBY VALTER wall shelf and a compact table and stool to turn her wardrobe into a workspace that could be hidden when the door was closed, leaving the rest of the space to have a calm, neutral feeling. “We wanted to hide the operate away, so when you walked in, it felt like an oasis rather than an workplace,” says Christine. 

two. Do not overlook about vertical height

When considering about feasible storage spaces, we have a tendency to only assume about what’s accessible at eye-level or beneath, ignoring the room’s vertical height.

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“Quite typically there’s storage space above the wardrobe or a chest of drawers that is beneath-utilised,” says Christine.

three. Take into account all unused space

“Wardrobes are not the only areas to retailer points away,” says Christine.

“Sometimes we overlook about other spaces in the bedroom, such as beneath your bed or behind the door. Use storage boxes which can be effortlessly hidden away or effortlessly accessed when necessary,” Christine says.

“Even awkward spaces can be reimagined by means of clever use of hooks, rails and racks.”

four. Location storage boxes in your drawers

You currently know drawers can be made use of for storage space, but to seriously maximise their hideaway prospective, use storage boxes such as KOMPLEMENT box.

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Charlie’s new wardrobe is a cleverly developed PAX wardrobe, fitted out with KOMPLEMENT organisers and STUK for all his distinct garments and accessories.

“Separating by season is also a beneficial way to organise and prioritise,” Christine says.

Bonus: Separating this way can clearly indicate what you are not making use of, which will then inform you what can be stored away beneath the bed.

five. Showcase your passions

And ultimately, storage does not necessarily require to be believed of as hiding points away.

Combine storage and show in order to showcase your passions.

Charlie is passionate about sports, so IKEA helped him show his favourite collections using VAJERT rail with four hooks and a MACKAPÄR shoe rack. The outcome was an effortlessly accessible location for Charlie to grab what he necessary, when he necessary it.

We zoned out his space for the distinct varieties of activities that had been taking location in his room” says Christine. “His every day sports gear was out in the open but nevertheless neatly place away.” 

All images courtesy of IKEA.