How to Make a Winning Bedroom on The Block


When The Block’s judges give their verdict for the duration of space reveals, it is simple to see what could have been accomplished far better. But how do you consider like a winner for the duration of the reno method? 

Michael and Carlene Duffy won their fair share of space challenges on their season of The Block, and now that they run interior style, styling and renovation enterprise, Cedar + Suede, they’ve got a lot of inside strategies.

Right here are seven of their very best methods to build a winning bedroom on The Block – or in your personal property.

1. Take into account the room’s space and light

Carlene says it is essential to “work with what you have got”, which signifies you need to have to be clear on what that is just before producing any style or styling alternatives. The 1st port of contact is to assess the size of your space and how considerably organic light is out there. For instance, a compact space with out considerably organic light would advantage from moody colours to build atmosphere. The Duffys would then offset this with eye-catching cabinetry, in a calm palette like sage-green, and accent with brass fixtures.

If a space does not have considerably organic light, cleverly placed mood lighting will support with atmosphere. Image: Getty

two. Save revenue with fashionable options

Michael says most of your money can quickly go into higher-finish finishes in a bedroom reno, such as hardwood cabinetry for your wardrobes. He suggests seeking into options, such as timber-grade laminate, which can be a price-productive solution that presents a polished finish.

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To complement, use high quality fixtures, such as brass handles, to round out a sophisticated appear.

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Carlene says a constructed-in robe could be a far better solution for your bedroom, if space is restricted. Image: Nine Network

three. Constructed-in robes vs. stroll-in robes

If space is restricted, Carlene says not to really feel pressured to match in a stroll-in robe as it could compromise the space. As with tip quantity 1, take a realistic appear at what you have and what you need to have. If a stroll-in robe is going to be poky and encroach on the bedroom floor strategy, a constructed-in robe could be a far better solution.

The front-facing doors of a constructed-in robe can also add interest to a bedroom, in the kind of added colour and texture, she says.

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four. Be clever about lighting

Michael says ceiling lighting ticks the ‘functional’ box, even though atmosphere will come from extra lighting such as wall and table lamps.

Commence with what’s essential for sensible lighting, such as nicely-placed downlights, and then layer with statement pieces to make the mood you want. Do not be afraid to mix it up a standing lamp in the corner could be a dynamic addition that doubles as a reading light.

Nicely-placed lighting serves each kind and function. Image: Getty Pictures

five. Prevent ‘dead space’

Make certain each component of the space has a function, Carlene advises, by functioning out what you need to have in the bedroom and “design from there”. You do not want to finish up with unused or underused spaces that have to be filled with furnishings.

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six. Select soft surfaces

Prevent harsh flooring selections in the bedroom, such as tiles and concrete, as they’re also sterile for your most restful space. As an alternative, go for timber floors with rugs to soften the surface, or a plush carpet.

Guest bedroom the block

This season’s guest bedroom winners, Jesse and Mel, applied plush carpet and a soft textured wall to common impact. Image: Nine Network

7. Play with tonal colour schemes

Deciding upon a variety of shades of 1 colour is a terrific way to build a calming appear, Carlene says, such as a variety of blue tones or neutral hues. But if you are a fan of bold palettes, the bedroom is the very best spot to experiment with colour, as it is self-contained and will not influence the rest of the property.

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