Kardshian Ex Scott Disick Has a Reno Show and We Type of Really like It


“Most men and women possibly feel I’m fully unemployed and I just stroll about and a camera crew follows me,” says Scott Disick in the opening seconds of his new celebrity themed reality renovation show.

Nicely … at least we’re beginning from a point of mutual understanding.

Maintaining Up With The Kardashians fans know (and even appreciate) Scott as the infant daddy of elder sister Kourtney Kardashian, and her lengthy-time – now ex – companion and ‘soulmate’.

Flip It Like Disick could be your new reality reno binge. Image: E!/ NBC Universal

Recognized for his excessive partying, penchant for calling himself ‘The Lord’ and his sarcastic sensible-cracking style of humour, he appears to have a blessed life, albeit with a handful of addiction concerns.

Frequently he’s the one particular to burst the self-absorbed bubble the Kardashian sisters have a knack for developing about themselves, which, as a viewer, is deliciously satisfying to watch.

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And yes, the believed has crossed our minds as to how on earth he afforded to run about in some of the world’s most costly vehicles, reside in different Calabasas mansions and fly about in private jets.

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Nicely, we’ve got some illuminating info.

It turns out Scott’s true passion is true estate. But not just the common type – unsurprisingly he’s all about the homes of the wealthy and popular.

In his new show, Flip It Like Disick, Scott and his Entourage-sort group of tradies, true estate agents and designers flip and renovate properties, which includes the houses of stars such as Mark Wahlberg and musicians Steve Aoki and French Montana.

When flipping, Scott and his group will acquire the homes on the inexpensive, fill the properties with celebrity friendly amenities and then sell them for profit.

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“I’m flipping luxurious multi-million dollar houses,” explains Scott in the 1st episode.

“But I’m not just promoting a property right here, I’m promoting dreams. AKA The Lord’s Touch.”

Oooooookay then, Scott.


Scott and his rag-tag bunch of buddies flip mega mansions for profit. Image: E!/ NBC Universal

But although we may possibly scoff at the notion of this style of reality show, the outcome is surprisingly watchable – specially for these of us who would ogle just about something that involved renovations, property design and style or true estate in common.

So if you do appreciate renovation shows (tick), celebrity home porn (tick) Kardashian drama (tick) and a fantastic dash of Entourage-style shenanigans (tick, tick) this show could possibly just be your subsequent binge session.

And in case anyone’s forgotten who he is, there’s a token look from an actual Kardashian thrown in every single episode for fantastic measure. Hello, wine-fuelled lunches with Kris!


It can not be a Kardashian show with out a meeting with Kris more than wine. Image: E!/ NBC Universal

Flip It Like Disick is on Foxtel now.

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