Major Suggestions To Support You Get Your Bond Back On A Rental Residence


I’m positive we all know somebody who’s been a bit more than zealous through their rental tenancy – and accidentally damaged their landlord’s house. Perhaps even you probably?

All is not lost.

I’m going to convey a few DIY possibilities that could support you (or that pal) get themselves out of a sticky predicament.

Acquiring your bond back is essential to a pleased, seamless moving knowledge. Image: Getty

Very first of all, let’s be realistic: Not all landlords are as poor as Hollywood can portray them to be.

As a landlord, I like to consider I genuinely have my tenant’s ideal interests at heart, so when a thing requirements fixing I make positive it gets fixed.

With that in thoughts, if you are ever in the predicament exactly where you have broken somebody else’s house and you are not positive what the ideal course of action is, from time to time there comes a time when you just have to front up and face the music.

Think me when I say not every thing can be fixed with your typical DIY hack.

Gyprock wall

Do you have a Gyprock wall or hollow core door with a hole in it? Fortunately, plasterboard businesses have come up with these good new wall patches that let you to patch a hole approx. 500mm in diameter.

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Basically stick it on (they come with adhesive backing) and apply a pre-mixed base, best coat and a trowel.

Handy tip: 

You will will need two base coats and 1 best coat. Every coat will will need to set difficult just before you reapply it’ll also will need a light sand in in between coats.

All that is left to do then is repaint the wall or door – and you are away. Make positive you scrape away any bumps in the base coat when the base coat sets, it is tougher than a cat’s head and you will be sanding for a day to get it flat.


The essential to repainting old walls is, and generally will be, matching the current colour. Get your self a decent-sized sample of the current location (approx. four sqm) and make positive you take that with you to any hardware or paint shop to be colour matched.

They can get any colour actually close these days.

paint brush colour painting

Nearly any colour can be matched these days. Image: Unsplash

My subsequent suggestion would be to do some preparation just before painting with some light, 180 grit or upwards, sandpaper. This permits the paint to bind to the walls and provides you a smooth, neat finish.

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Attempting to blend a tiny location that is been patched is normally tougher than painting the entire wall, so it could be a much better selection to repaint the complete wall.

Maintain in thoughts there’s a unique sheen level to paints and doors architraves and skirting boards are normally completed in a gloss.

Ceilings are ideal painted in a ‘flat’ finish, which assists cover any imperfections in the finish, and walls are also generally completed in flat or low sheen to better hide finger marks and imperfections.


Do not attempt and repaint a gloss with a low sheen: It will stand out like your pup’s household jewels just before his stop by to the vet!


I’m quite particular every person at some stage has accidently knocked more than a drink at residence.

For the ones much less fortunate that have completed it on carpet, my guidance would be to act swiftly.

You can employ steam cleaning machines from areas like Bunnings, so if you are tight on a dollar take into account acquiring some Vanish carpet cleaner from the supermarket and a DIY steam cleaner.

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From there, cross your fingers and pray it comes out. Sadly, you can not replace sections of carpet so when it is stained, it is stained.


If you have broken some timber perform, it depends on what and how it is broken as to how you can repair it.

Timber can be sanded, patched and re-stained or painted, so seek some guidance from a tradie mate, or engage the true deal if you are biting off far more than you can chew.


If you have damaged timber you might require the support of a experienced. Image: Getty

Based on exactly where you reside, you can engage a chippy or a handyman via a website like hipages for anyplace in between $35-$70 per hour. If they can repair the bulk of the harm, perhaps you can do the finishing perform to make the cost a tiny simpler to bare.

Electrical / Plumbing

There’s a great purpose plumbers and sparkies must be licensed. My guidance right here, hands down, is to personal up and engage a experienced.

Not only could you potentially do significant harm and expense your self far more dollars in the extended run, but with electrical involved there’s a quite true possibility of death or significant injury.

Here’s hoping the above has helped. At the finish of the day, like mum stated back in principal college, from time to time ‘honesty is the ideal policy’.