Numerology & What It Signifies for Your Property


Have you ever wondered if your home quantity indicates something or if you have 1 of these fortunate home numbers that purchasers go nuts more than?

If you are a superstitious form – or think the which means of your home quantity and your address can in truth transform the power inside your house – then you might be interested to know.

Do not care for superstitions? If you are an investor, realizing the fortunate home numbers particular purchasers like and hate could enable you target the correct industry when you rent your home.

Promoting up? If you are fortunate quantity 3, then your home could be worth extra to the correct purchaser.

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Operating out your ‘number’

Brisbane psychic, numerologist and palm reader Sarah Yip says to work out the numerological quantity of your home, add its numbers till you arrive at a single digit.

For instance, if your home quantity is 66, then its numerological quantity is 3 (six+six=12 1+two=three). If you reside at 34/7 add three+four+7=14 1+four=five.

To work out the numerological quantity of your home, add its numbers till you arrive at a single digit. Image: Supplied

What your house number indicates

Property quantity meanings are so varied and intriguing obtaining just a tiny insight into them could open you up to a complete new way of considering. Quantity 19 for instance is stated to be fantastic for new beginnings, even though quantity 1 is identified for its leadership qualities.

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Some sources say it is vital to steer clear of interpreting the which means of your home quantity straight as this could influence your choices. Meanwhile other persons will purely choose their residences primarily based on numerology and irrespective of whether their address boasts a fortunate home quantity. 

House number 15

Property quantity meanings are varied and intriguing. Image: Getty

Right here, Sarah reveals the numerological meanings behind numbers 1 to nine.


Pros: Promotes independence and good for persons seeking for a fresh start off.

Cons: “You will be continually busy. I frequently see number one houses up for rent as not everybody can cope with their quickly pace, or in some circumstances, exposed place,” Sarah says.


Pros: “Encourages intimacy, creativity and patience. Reside right here if you want peace and quiet.”

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Cons: You’ll turn into also passive if you are shy or indecisive, Sarah says.


Pros: Ideal for gatherings, raising youngsters and open communication. Three is a fortunate quantity.

Cons: Not the cleanest home, or the greatest for discipline. Gossip can backfire in a number three house.


Pros: Somewhere you can really feel secure and safe it encourages commitment.

Cons: Can make you extra inflexible and conservative.


Pros: Amazing for travellers, evening owls, gypsies and forever-young sorts, Sarah says.

Cons: “I see these homes up for rent extra than any other home quantity – they are much better for extroverts.”

House number 5

Homes with this numerological quantity are much better for extroverts, says Sarah. Image: Supplied


Pros: Often stunning, great for households, pets and house enterprises. A nest.

Cons: You could be concerned about appearances living right here. Gardens demand extra upkeep.

House number 6

Be warned: Your garden could demand extra upkeep. Image: Supplied


Pros: Excellent for nature-lovers and these who will need individual space. “These homes are frequently set back from the road or have lots of tree cover,” Sarah says.

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Cons: “Seven is the hermit power, so do not reside right here if you hate getting single.”

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Pros: This is the dollars quantity in China and connected with fantastic returns more than the lengthy-term.

Cons: “You can not reduce corners in a number eight house. It is shaped like an infinity symbol displaying what goes about comes about.” You should appear just after this home and not scrimp on insurance coverage, Sarah warns.

Lucky House number 8

For these searching for a fortunate home quantity, quantity eight has your name all more than it. Image: Getty


Pros: Everyone feels welcome generating these residences good for international residents and/or mixed households.

Cons: Guests get so cosy that they leave items behind. “You’ll will need to have typical garage sales,” Sarah advises.

House number 9

Get prepared for these garage sales if this home quantity is you! Image: Supplied