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While many us might adore minimalist, modern spaces, others appreciate that ‘more’ can also be far more – particularly when it comes to becoming inspired by and content in your home.

Visual artist and yoga teacher Claire Lefebvre has a enjoy for all points inspirational and quirky: From eclectic treasures chosen on trips overseas to things collected from the side of the road. Her unit in Thornbury, Melbourne, which she shares with her musician boyfriend Zoltan, is an open canvas to show all of these loved treasures.

The house of artist Claire Lefebvre. Image: Erinna Giblin

Claire and Zoltan have loved filling their rental house in Thornbury with exceptional, eye-catching operates of art, books, plants and things they really feel connected to.

Property sweet (rental) house

When decorating their unit, the couple opted for themes and objects linked with feelings of warmth, creativity and nature.

“We each want and will need to be surrounded by objects and surfaces that inspire but also build a sense of becoming definitely ‘home’,” says Claire.

Claire has turn out to be adept at making use of rental spaces creatively to get the most out of them:

“I’ve discovered how to make do with the space you have – when you are renting you have restrictions, so if you can not place nails in walls then Command Hooks are fabulous, as is propping points up on books and bricks.

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“In a couple of homes I made use of Blu Tack to stick a silk scarf to the wall above my bed it was a good option to getting a framed artwork there. I loved that the softness of the fabric set a tone of ease and lightness for the space.”

An achieved artist, Claire loves taking inspiration from visual art, travel, nature and music of the ’60s and ’70s in her house.

The space also serves as a studio for two busy creatives, so decorating also had to be practical:

“For two persons who run various smaller firms on their personal, it is important to have a functional house exactly where every little thing has its location.”

five minutes with Claire

My greatest indulgence in the house is…

My art book collection.

My favourite bargain piece is…

The giant mirrors that Zoltan saved from tough rubbish.

Claire Lefebvre. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Claire Lefebvre loves her Thornbury unit. Image: Erinna Giblin

The area that took the longest to style was…

The studio. It took a couple of rearrangements to get the area functional. I’m nonetheless not certain if my element is that functional, even though.

The element of the house I nonetheless want to operate on is…

The backyard. It is at the moment bare and we want to build a small green haven out there. I wanted to develop a tiny Beatles-themed bar referred to as ‘The Yellow SuBARine’ but prevalent sense has quashed that idea… for now.

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The area that gets the most use is…

The kitchen and living area.

Claire Lefebvre. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Claire’s living area is the location she goes to unwind. Image: Erinna Giblin

I go right here to relax…

The living area. From there I can appear out onto the a lot of trees in the front garden and as they’re reflected by the huge horizontal mirror, it is a yummy view of lush vitality.

The unexpected location we get pleasure from consuming is…

The porch couch. As it is west facing we get beautiful sunsets.

The most often made use of pieces of kitchenware are…

A handheld stick blender we purchased in Berlin and carried (and made use of!) all more than Europe a water filter and a citrus squeezer.


When it comes to decorating, Claire says you can inform a lot about a particular person by the things they surround themselves with.

“I think in producing your house a haven – it has the capacity to soothe and rejuvenate you. For Zoltan and I, we required to surround ourselves with things that make us content and inspire us, like books and pieces we’ve picked up on our travels.”

Claire Lefebvre. Picture: Erinna Giblin

Claire’s favourite item in her house is her record player. Image: Erinna Giblin

Claire is specifically inspired by the likes of the late Peggy Guggenheim, whose Venice house has been turned into a museum, and the minimalist artist Georgia O’Keeffe.

“I’m pretty drawn to Georgia O’Keeffe’s minimal, secluded house studio in New Mexico.”

“I’m a maximalist who dreams of becoming a minimalist – but that is not going to come about any time quickly!”