six Pet Etiquette Guidelines for Apartment Dog Owners


When living in an apartment, how can we guarantee our dogs and our neighbours can reside in harmony collectively – all even though maintaining any dog behaviour difficulties to a minimum? 

Increasingly we’re seeing additional and additional apartment dwellers take up residence with a pooch in truth, additional than 38% of Aussie households personal a dog*.

A substantial component of living harmoniously in rentals or occupier-owned apartments is to guarantee apartment dogs have the mental and physical stimulation they need to have each and every day to hold difficulties like barking and destructive behaviour at bay. Right here are six pet etiquette guidelines for apartment dog owners to take into consideration.

It is achievable for dogs to thrive in apartment buildings. Image: Matthew Hamilton/Unsplash

1. Retain Fido stimulated to minimize barking

The most prevalent cause why dogs bark is due to boredom or separation anxiousness when left alone with absolutely nothing to do when their owner is at perform all day.

Retain Fido’s brain and physique active with interactive puzzles or toys filled with treats. Aussie Dog Merchandise and KONG have a good variety of interactive toys. Filling a KONG Wobbler with mince, freezing it and then providing it to Fido as you head out the door can hold your fur child busy for hours, and it mimics how a dog would have to hunt for their meals in the wild.

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Tip: Make positive you also know how a lot exercising your dog desires for their breed and age – and guarantee they get it!

walking dog

Physical exercise for dogs is crucial, so make positive you know how a lot your pup demands. Image: Leonides Ruvalcabar/Unsplash

two. Hide treats in a snuffle mat

Some interactive toys and balls that dispense treats may well be good to hold Fido stimulated as encouraged above. Even so, if you have floorboards and a neighbour downstairs, that is not going to perform to hold a content apartment block. Alternatively, bear in mind that dogs enjoy to sniff, so you could obtain some quieter strategies to tap into their sense of smell and hold them mentally and physically active at the very same time. A ‘snuffle mat’ is a good way to hold Fido content as they sniff and seek out treats or kibble hidden in the mat – and it is a lot quieter for the neighbours, as well!

three. Be mindful of other pets

Your dog may possibly be the friendliest on the planet, but other dogs may possibly obtain it frightening or downright annoying to have Fido rush more than to them to say “hi” each time they meet in the stairwell or prevalent places. Feline pals may well take even higher exception to Fido attempting to be pals, as may well their owners, so generally hold your dog on your lead when exiting and getting into your apartment block.

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four. Do not have a operating dog breed in an apartment

Kelpies, Border Collies, Heelers and other operating dog breeds are basically not produced for apartments. Complete cease! In truth, a lot of of them are not even suited to a residence atmosphere if they do not have a backyard or adequate space to run about, adequate mental or physical stimulation or a ‘job’ to hold them busy. Neighbours hate to see dogs like this cooped up at residence, let alone inside an apartment.

dog breed for apartments

It goes devoid of saying that your breed of dog must be suited to apartment living. Image: Roberto Nickson/Unsplash

five. Choose up right after your dog

It must go devoid of saying, but if your dog does a poop outdoors or in prevalent garden places, or even that bit you assume no a single saw just outdoors the apartment block, choose it up! There is no faster way to peeve off your neighbours than sneakily hunting about to see if any one noticed your pooch dumping their dinner and leaving it there due to the fact you have no bags, or can not be bothered choosing it up. Trust me – somebody is generally watching, especially in apartment blocks.

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six. Think about a dog walker or dog minding service

If you do perform lengthy hours, or your dog does have separation anxiousness (ordinarily identified if your dog begins barking or whining as quickly or shortly right after you have left the apartment) then take into consideration hiring a dog walker. They can come throughout the day to break up Fido’s boredom, or you could place Fido in doggy day care to supply them with the corporation all dogs need to have. Your neighbours will thank you for it and it will save you cash in the lengthy term (stay clear of council fines, vet bills for treating stressed dogs, broken furnishings and so on.).

Try to remember a content pooch indicates a content owner and content neighbours, so guaranteeing you meet Fido’s person desires to hold them mentally and physically active is essential.

Lara Shannon is the MC of the PETstock Help Adoption Zone at the upcoming Sydney Dog Lovers Show, three-four August. 

Supply: Animal Medicines Australia Pet Ownership in Australia Report (2016)