Style Errors to Stay clear of in the Living Space


When you are promoting a household, the living space is exactly where possible purchasers think about themselves unwinding every evening.

So if your space is additional ‘get out’ than chill out, you have some severe operate to do just before your open household happens. Right here are six crucial blunders to prevent.

1. None of the furnishings matches

You have collected various pieces of furnishings more than the years, which I’m all for, but possible purchasers want to be wowed by a living space with a cohesive style. Give them a coastal vibe give them a Scandinavian really feel. Make confident the general appear is on-trend with styles you are seeing in magazines and on blogs suitable now. Go for bigger pieces of furnishings, like sofas and armchairs in neutral colours, and then bring in decor in softer tones like blues and greens to place on best.

Possible purchasers want to be wowed by a living space with a cohesive style. Image: Adrian Connelly, Stylist: Elaine Bellew, Inventive director: Marion Horgan

two. The layout performs for you, but not a possible purchaser

It is so widespread that, more than the years, we lay out the furnishings in our living space to suit ourselves. It tends to make excellent sense. But so usually, it does not develop the illusion of space and size for a possible purchaser. Contemplate removing the sectional sofa that seats 45 individuals and bring in a two-seater sofa and armchair. You truly do want individuals to stroll in and really feel wowed by how huge the space seems. If it is a household household for 4 individuals, decide on furnishings that seats 4.

neutral colour scheme living room

A 4-seater couch is just about suitable. Image: OZ Design and style Furnishings

three. The Television is the focal point in the space

A lot of home stylists will take away TVs from living rooms when they stage houses for sale. This is due to the fact that massive black box can be an eyesore to a possible purchaser. Certain, we all watch the tele, but a possible purchaser may not delight in seeing the 85-inch Television and subwoofer hanging from the wall as quickly as they stroll into your living space. Significantly less is additional when it comes to electronics.

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living room selling tips

There’s no have to have for an 85-inch Television to sell the living space in 11 Cross Street, Mosman. Image:

four. Pet beds, scratch poles and fur are everywhere

We enjoy our fur babies, do not we? But guess who does not enjoy our fur babies? The particular person shopping for the residence! Nothing at all scares individuals out of your living space and into their automobiles to burn rubber fairly like a guinea pig cage, the smell of cat litter, or dog fur covering each and every piece of furnishings in your living space. You just have to take away all proof that pets at the moment reside in the space. It is also risky when you are promoting.

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five. You went inexpensive with all of your decorative touches

The thought when promoting is to make your household really feel aspirational. When it is styled suitable, individuals want to out-bid every other and front up the massive bucks due to the fact you have sold them on a fantasy. What ruins that fantasy is styling the household with inexpensive things that the possible purchaser currently has in their personal household. This is one particular situation exactly where I’d surely prevent going to spending budget chain shops for accessories.

quality furnishings when selling

Aim to be aspirational and prevent decorating with only spending budget chain shop things. Image: Martina Gemmola

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six. Your household photographs haven’t been pulled off the walls

You know what one particular universal truth binds all hoarders with each other? They do not realise they’re hoarders! I’m not saying that you are one particular, but it is so really hard to be objective with your memories and keepsakes. This is a circumstance in which a home stylist can truly enable. They do not know you or your memories, and can, with no bias, inform you which factors have to be place in storage, and which factors can keep.

Art and detail in Paul Hopper's lounge room

No purchaser desires to see your household images, place up art as an alternative. Image: Tamara Graham

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