Style Errors to Steer clear of in Your Rental Living Space


Your share residence living space is exactly where quite substantially almost everything takes place outdoors of sleep and attractive instances (it improved not be exactly where the attractive instances take place!). 

So with this in thoughts, you have to have to give this zone a cohesive style everybody can appreciate. So let’s get you and your flatmates avoiding these style blunders shall we?

There’s no cohesive theme going on

Even a share house demands a theme. The theme in your living space could possibly be ‘eclectic’ simply because there’s a lot of random pieces intermingling. That is all excellent, but go for a constant colour palette so the space feels much less chaotic. A neutral palette is generally greatest as it is calming to the eye, and you can conveniently add a compact pop of colour when you really feel the have to have to.

A neutral palette is a excellent notion, with pops of colours from art and soft furnishings. Image: Laura Quattrocelli

Your walls are bare due to hook hang-ups

Landlords are such buzzkills when it comes to holes in walls, but that does not imply you can not hang substantial-scale canvas art applying velcro hooks. These sorts of hooks can hold art up to seven kilos. And if you have a substantial wall to cover, take into account a 4-grid of square artworks to take up extra space. Black-framed prints or mirrors are a excellent notion right here as well, as is a gallery wall operating the complete length of the space.

art on walls

Removable velcro hooks are game-changers for art-loving rental dwellers. Image: Erinna Giblin

Your floorboards are committing the ultimate crime

Share homes typically run the danger of feeling cold and clinical simply because no one desires to commit to getting a rug that is going to get ruined. I completely get it. But why not invest in a inexpensive-as-chips rug from a single of the extra very affordable chain retailers? If sizing is the challenge, push two smaller sized rugs side-by-side to give the illusion of a single huge piece on the floor. It’ll make a globe of distinction to how the space appears and feels.

living room rug

Rugs make a cosy house and they do not have to have to be highly-priced either. Image: Laura Quattrocelli

You have not produced a moment of your mantle

A lot of older share homes have some wackly mantles to operate with. But so numerous men and women never ever style these zones. I get that they can be odd in shape or seem tough to decor-up, but they’re not as difficult as you assume. Why not lean a couple of framed artworks or pictures of distinctive sizes right here? Also attempt adding in some fake plants right here low upkeep and no one has to water! Candles are also a need to.

mantle decor

All the nooks and crannies in a mantle tends to make it a enjoyable spot to show your collections. Image: Laura Quattrocelli

Your Television zone is a hotbed of cords and chaos

Got a gamer in the residence? There’s absolutely nothing you can do to curb their penchant for the Playstation, but you can make it appear nicer. Initial issues very first: pop all the remotes in a compact box or basket and shop this on a single of the shelves in your Television unit. Subsequent, tame these wild cords with some cord organisers, and attempt to lift energy boards off floors if you can. It tends to make the complete space really feel a lot cleaner.

TV unit living room

Television units appear a lot neater with out messy cords and remotes lying about. Image: IKEA

There’s just as well substantially second-hand furnishings

I adore a roadside obtain as substantially as the subsequent guy, but to attempt to mix and match second hand furnishings with newer, very affordable buys. Attempt a second hand sofa with a new armchair, then bring in a new coffee table on an older rug. It is all about the blend of new and old that’ll make the space really feel fascinating alternatively of ancient.

indoor plants and planters

Modernise vintage finds with new homewares, such as ceramics and candles. Image: Erinna Giblin

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