The Block Guest Ensuite Bathroom Reveal 2019


The second round of reveals on The Block just went down, you guys, and I’m not completely specific the scores have been right for the guest ensuite bathrooms. 

The outcomes are additional bungled than Sara Murdoch calling out the incorrect winner on Australia’s Subsequent Leading Model. This also genuinely illustrates just how huge of an influence reality Television has on my life.

Andy and Deb came in initial

Do you assume the plant above the toilet in this space would tickle you whilst you are on the porcelain throne? It is a single of the queries I pondered this week, and I assume it is very important that somebody sits on this toilet to test the theory.

Deb and Andy impressed the judges with their guest ensuite. Image: Nine Network

Outdoors of the plant that does not respect boundaries, this bathroom was good. We adore a round mirror – specially when it is back-lit – and we’d bend more than backwards for the patterned floor tiles. Gimme, gimme, gimme.

Dandy (that is Deb and Andy) are onto a fantastic factor right here. Though, I will argue it could have been pushed additional. It appears they’re channelling some sort of luxe-boho vibe, so why not do a grittier function wall behind the vanity? It would have taken this space subsequent-level. Baskets alone are not carrying out it.

guest ensuite

This bathroom is on the appropriate track, according to Chris Carroll – our resident guest judge. Image: Nine Network

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Mitch and Mark scored second location

This week, Mitch and Mark’s bathroom comes to you courtesy of Michael Hill Jewellers. The quantity of gold in this ensuite was overkill. Come to assume of it, Michael Hill is possibly the only brand not involved in this series, but give it time. We nonetheless have a couple of months to go!

guest ensuite

We adore the marble floor in Mitch and Mark’s bathroom. Image: Nine Network

The marble flooring: Gorgeous. The layout also operates. But outdoors of that, it feels a bit dated. A bit luxe-101. A bit observed-it-all-ahead of. Sorry guys. I enjoyed the space you delivered final week but this bathroom is also higher contrast.

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You have got to pick out your moments when it comes to a material as eye-catching as polished brass. On its personal it can be fabulous, but when repeated so generally it loses its appeal. It is kinda like the Jonas Brothers of bathroom supplies I’ll just take a single of them.

guest ensuite

We loved the notion but has this style turn out to be a bit dated? Image: Nine Network

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Matt and Elise (I refuse to place the apostrophe in her name) came third

Can we kick off by saying how beautiful the coloured tiles are on the wall behind the world’s smallest vanity? I do like them, and I applaud the use of colour right here mainly because it does set the space apart from the other people, which are comparatively very boring.

guest ensuite

We loved the tiled wall in this bathroom. Image: Nine Network

I’m also loving the flooring. It is what the initial and second-location bathrooms have been missing some textural depth and character. So from a material standpoint, these guys nailed it. The complete vibe feels moody without the need of going also dark and masculine. The scheme is a winner.

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Sadly anything went incorrect with the decision of vanity. If you can even get in touch with a shoebox attached to a dentist’s spittoon a vanity. My sincerest apologies, but I can’t deal with that complete circumstance, it appears very odd.

guest ensuite

Could this be the world’s smallest vanity? Image: Nine Network

The zone is created even stranger by the placement of a pendant so close to an open shower. Electrocution is not trending tough in 2019.

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Tess and Luke landed fourth

I’m not mad at this bathroom. And in quite a few respects I really feel it is nicer in appear and really feel than the 3 that came ahead of it. The dramatic floor tiles are beautiful, the black dual basins are appreciated, and who does not like a freestanding tub (even if it is kinda shoved against the wall like Britney in the Me Against the Music video clip)?

guest ensuite

We’re not mad at Tess and Luke’s bathroom. Image: Nine Network

Positive, they didn’t finish the space, and maybe that is why they landed fourth, but I assume they deserved a greater score right here.

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What I will say, on the downside, is that there is not adequate drama right here – or in any of the ensuites. A patterned tile can not be as bold as it gets. Give me a plant wall. Give me a black ceiling. Give me a WTF lighting moment.

guest ensuite

The patterned tile was the only supply of drama in this space. Image: Nine Network

With so quite a few Block seasons beneath our belts, we can not continue with white-tile bathrooms every single year and ask the judges to exclaim how good they are. It is just not cricket (the initial and final sports reference you will ever hear me make).

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Jesse and Mel came in final location

I really feel for Jesse and Mel, I genuinely do. This bathroom was heading in a phenomenal path and I have no doubt that, had they completed it, they would have won.

guest ensuite

We assume Jesse and Mel’s bathroom could have won if it’d been completed. Image: Nine Network

We have a tub as the centrepiece in the space, flanked by two beautiful black tiled walls. We have a medley of marble veins playing above the bath. We have a vanity with some exciting detail and texture to add warmth and contrast. It showed so a great deal guarantee. It is just like Lindsay Lohan ahead of Herbie the Lovebug.

guest ensuite

Jesse and Mel went from initial location final week to final location this week. Image: Nine Network

To go from a win final week to fifth this week will have to genuinely hurt. What I will say, is if you appear at the guest bedroom and ensuite side-by-side, you can see how the scheme is constant among the two. So at least there is an overarching design and style strategy taking shape.

I’m seeking forward to what these two do subsequent. But how worrying that unfinished rooms appear to be this season’s theme…