The Block Living and Dining Space Reveals


Two spectacular moments and 3 kinda typical ones this week on The Block living and dining area reveals.

Let’s serve up a significant assisting of harsh truths as we examine who soared and who snored this time about.

Jesse and Mel came out on best

I can completely see why Jesse and Mel came very first this week. Their space screams ‘luxury Melbourne market’. That marble bench in the living area is beyond words. I’ve not been this excited more than a thing so significant, dark and attractive because Michael B Jordan’s topless fight scene in Black Panther.

Jesse and Mel came in very first location with the judges for their living and dining area. Image: Nine Network

The art either side of the Television is wonderfully higher-finish, the armchairs are a present from the decor gods, and the fireplace position is killer. That stated, I have to mention the layout. It feels a tad cramped in the zone amongst the bench, dining table and armchairs.

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The art on the extended wall was also a fail – the distinct sizes had been a poor option. But outdoors of these two moments, great job!

The Block living room Jesse Mel

It felt a small cramped according to our unofficial guest judge. Image: Nine Network

Andy and Deb came in second

When I develop up I want to be the artwork on the wall of Dandy’s epic living area. It is all the things. I’ll go on record as saying this could be the greatest art moment on The Block, potentially ever. It is tapping into all the colour trends that are taking place in interiors suitable and it is a phenomenal jumping off point in the area. The coffee table in this space is also an organic dream, not to mention the leather dining chairs. Place a fork in me, mainly because I’m completed!

The Block living room Deb Andy

Deb and Andy came in second with their living and dining area. Image: Nine Network

What I will say, on the downside, is that the wall hanging is a small dated, and I could have completed with a small additional colour variation in the area. Even a huge indoor plant like the a single in their bedroom would have helped this space.

The Block living room Deb Andy

To our unofficial judge, the artwork was remarkable but the area felt a bit lifeless. Image: Nine Network

Elise and Matt landed in third location

I hate coming into judging with barely something good to say. But gang I barely have something good to say! The stone fireplace surrounds in this area is extremely Brady Bunch. An individual throw a football at my face, pronto! The position of the fireplace is also baffling, as is the configuration of living area furnishings.

The Block living room Matt Elise

Elise and Matt came in third location with their living and dining area. Image: Nine Network

The styling in this space is like me immediately after Guzman y Gomez overstuffed! If there’s a single surface not packed with decor, I’m however to see it. What’s with the puzzle and teacup left on the dining table? It is so ‘real-life’ I half-count on to see a cat littler tray in the corner and a Weet-Bix covered bowl left in the sink.

The Block living room Matt Elise

This space was additional colourful than most. Image: Nine Network

Mitch and Mark scored joint fourth

I’ve been a bit really hard on Mitch and Mark the final handful of weeks, but issues have unquestionably enhanced with this reveal. The fireplace surround in this space is rather chic. And I’m also enjoying the artwork and the dining table.

The Block living room Mitch Mark

Mitch and Mark tied for final location this week. Image: Nine Network

Yes, the coffee table is a small tired. Yes, the rug is far as well matchy-matchy with the dining chairs. And yes, the use of colour right here has gone a bit 2007 Britney-with-the-umbrella-and-shaved-head (bananas). But the shell of the space is fantastic.

The Block living room Mitch Mark

The boys failed to impress with this week’s reveal. Image: Nine Network

Tess and Luke also tied for final location

The issue about this space is that it is really a terrific shell. The foundations are fantastic. Television positioning is strong, fireplace surround is good (albeit on the incorrect side of the area). Digging the flooring, the fan, the moody colour palette. It is just what they brought in that feels a small underwhelming.

The Block living room Tess Luke

Tess and Luke also came in final location this week. Image: Nine Network

The largest sin general is that dining table. It in no way desires to be attached to that bench. It is just like Katie Holmes moments into her marriage with Tom Cruise. If they had one more crack they could make this area fantastic once more. Stella can get her groove back, I guarantee!

The Block living room Tess Luke

The bones of this area are terrific, according to our unofficial judge. Image: Nine Network