The Block Week 4 Master Bathroom Reveals


Block bathroom week was just revealed and I want to know who’s in charge of this show.

My inner six-year-old dobber is coming out and I want to inform the teacher on all these rule breakers!

Tess and Luke took the win

Let’s be truthful right here: this bathroom is extremely cold from a components point of view. A gentleman’s gonads would go up inside of him the moment he stepped foot in the door.

This would be the best bathroom for a drag queen. You’d get the tuck with no the tape! So a lot concrete and extremely tiny warmth.

Tess and Luke’s bathroom embraces the industrial style. Image: Nine Network

That is not to say it is poor. They completely committed to the industrial vibe and I’m living for it. The brushed steel tapware is a present from the design and style gods, and I’m all completely on-board with the colour of these towels.

Bonus points for a floating toilet you can not see when you enter the space, and dual basins. I’m quite smitten.

The Block Tess Luke master bathroom

Regardless of a lack of warmth, this bathroom is fashionable and functional. Image: Nine Network

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Elise and Matt came in second

I’ve never ever met a blush tile I didn’t like, so Elise and Matt have my heart in that respect.

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They also get me swiping what ever way you are meant to for ‘yes’ more than their selection of vanity, dual basins and divine round mirrors. There’s a great sense of grandeur right here with no any of the usual bling.

The Block Matt elise bathroom

Matt and Elise came in second spot with their master bathroom. Image: Nine Network

They lost me, nonetheless, with the selection of zig-zag wall tiles. It created the space really feel a tiny chaotic.

And sorry, but no one is ever convincing me to get in a bath with a pendant above it. I will not ever do it. I do not care if the Hulk has swung on it to test that it is structurally sound. I’m not risking it.

The Block Matt Elise master bathroom

Black tapware completed the appear for Matt and Elise this week. Image: Nine Network

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Mitch and Mark scored third spot

Just like with a Maccas burger, I got wooed by the mustard in this space. But upon later reflection, there are a couple of issues not sitting suitable right here.

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It all feels a bit white, with predictable gold accents to give it the luxe vibes we see on The Block time and time once again. The significant stone tiles are rather scrumptious, but there’s a clash going on right here with components.

The Block Mitch Mark master bathroom

Mitch and Mark came in third spot this week. Image: Nine Network

The warm rustic nature of the vanity best is at odds with the sleek sophistication of anything else in the space. It feels like a error. I also can not even speak about the second rule break these two have created re: architect plans and altering layout.

Nevertheless waiting on Shelley Craft to verify the guidelines on this.

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The Block master bathroom mitch mark

The glorious significant bathroom tiles operate a treat in this space. Image: Nine Network

Jesse and Mel landed in fourth

Just about every phenomenal thought I’ve ever had in my life was birthed either on the toilet or in the shower, so props to these guys for delivering a giant stone block in their space exactly where you can sit and ponder.

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The Block Master Bathroom Jesse and Mel

Jesse and Mel came in fourth spot this week. Image: Nine Network

There was also a warm and wealthy vibe in this bathroom that the other bathrooms failed to provide. There’s undoubtedly a thing intoxicating about it.

It has higher-finish hotel vibes and I consider it need to have scored greater than it did. There was an chance for a tile function wall bedside the bath, but outdoors of that, I consider this space is understated but lovely.

The Block Jesse Mel Master bathroom

The Jesse and Mel embraced the higher-finish hotel vibes. Image: Nine Network

Deb and Andy came final

Oh Dandy my fave tiny duo landed in fifth spot this week and I can kinda see why.

If you get rid of all the bells and whistles from this space (and by that I imply the overload of styling components) the bathroom is kinda simple.

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The Block Master bathroom Deb Andy

Deb and Andy came in final this week with their boho vibes. Image: Nine Network

The nation desires to cease placing taps in the middle of baths, by the way. No one desires to lay in the tub with hot water pouring onto their leg. Single-leg scold marks are not the most current beauty fad.

That stated, I do get pleasure from the boho style they’re delivering. The tiny wooden stool is just beautiful and I really like all the plant life. But I do wonder if purchasers in a greater-finish Melbourne marketplace want that eclectic aesthetic. Time will inform!

The Block Deb Andy master bathroom

Will Melbourne’s higher-finish purchasers embrace this laid-back appear? Image: Nine Network