The Block Week 5 Bedroom Reveals


The Block delivered a phenomenal bedroom this week. But here’s the weird aspect: It didn’t win! Let’s discover this insanity additional.

Image: Nine Network

Deb and Andy came 1st

To quote the legend that is Kath Day Knight: I am a single confused tramp. You know Dandy have been faves of mine considering that the start off of the season, but I’m a bit baffled by this win. The wallpaper, let’s be sincere, is the most wonderful function in the area. I want it on every single wall at household such as the emotional ones I’ve place up considering that birth. And granted, the cabinetry is scrumptious.

the block deb andy bedroom

Deb and Andy took out this week’s challenge. Image: Nine Network

But these moments aside, the furnishings and decor is extremely Kmart-haul. A haul to decorate a tween girl’s area. None of it says ‘luxury Melbourne market’, specifically that rug it is a lot more overexposed than Kim and Kanye. Sorry Dandy I’m just not feeling it. Do not hate the player, hate the game!

Elise and Matt landed second

This bedroom is rather sweet. It is like a giant scoop of dessert I’m completely going to regret the moment I have to have to step into a swimsuit come summer season. The function wallpaper behind the bed is the absolute star of the show and I’m living for it, but other components felt a bit recycled from preceding seasons.

Elise and Matt came in second. Image: Nine Network

The round marble side tables also really feel a bit Kmart (are they onboard as a sponsor?) And the white walls on the opposite side of the area leave it feeling a tiny bit stark and unfinished. The colour on the walls in the stroll-in robe are rather particular, even though.

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Tess and Luke tied for third

Now we’re speaking. Now my heart is racing. Now you have to have to get in touch with a medic due to the fact this bedroom is a correct present from the decor gods and I cannot cope with how wonderful it is. The timber wall, the shaker cabinetry, the colour palette, the medley of textures I am loving every single single moment right here.

the block tess luke bedroom

Now we’re speaking. Image: Nine Network

OK, so the pendants are hung also higher and the side tables really feel a tiny underwhelming in the space. But come on, judges this area is just beyond and completely deserved a larger score. I would have awarded these guys the win this week. Information are information.

Jesse and Mel also tied third

Um…so…the cabinetry is good!? It is a hard space to compliment due to the fact by Block requirements it is a quite ordinary bedroom. I do adore the colour palette of that bedding.

the block jesse mel bedroom

Jesse and Mel tied for third spot for their bedroom. Image: Nine Network

It against the dark brown backdrop in this area is just beautiful. But cabinets and bedding colour aside, there is not significantly going on right here. It is like the inside of Paris Hilton’s brain. The headboard is good, for certain. But it is all been carried out ahead of. 

Mitch and Mark landed in final spot

We do admire M&ampM’s bravery with colour. We can all agree on that. But I can see why this area came in final. On a good note that pendant light is breathtaking. I am hot to trot for it. It is the sun, the moon and the stars! The rug is also quite scrumptious in terms of pattern and colour.

the block mitch mark bedroom

Mitch and Mark missed the mark this week. Image: Nine Network

It feels regal and luxe, which is extremely significantly Mitch &amp Mark. But the crisp white and blue colour palette right here tends to make the area really feel a bit sterile. Like Melbourne in winter or Anna Wintour, there’s just no warmth about it. The mirrors also really feel outdoorsy, which is what I stated about a lot of the components in their meant-to-be-master-bedroom space a couple of weeks back. These guys will get superior with time even though.

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