three Hacks to Conceal Cracked Walls


Possibly 1 day you will lastly get about to fixing these minor wall cracks and paint chips, but in the meantime, covering these unsightly cracks is less complicated, and a complete lot less costly, than you may perhaps have believed.

In the video above, resident Rentovators Dan Brophy and Paul Wells show us how they transformed a tired dining space in a rundown rental, paying distinct consideration to the cracked walls.

“In this instance, the aim was to cover as substantially wall space as achievable with things that also served a goal and gave this space a touch of opulence,” says Dan.

A just before and just after worth bragging about. Image: The Rentovators

Whilst they welcome any renter to think about the similar hacks and temporarily transform their residences to seem modern day and renovated, these professional ideas and tricks can apply to home owners with the similar structural concerns.

“Not only can these hacks aid cover up wall cracks, but they also aid tackle the shortcomings of a household from a design and style viewpoint,” says Dan. 

Right here are 3 nifty methods to conceal cracked walls in your household.

1. Huge-scale artwork

Artworks on a major scale not only operate to cover unsightly cracks on your walls, but also aid to draw the eye away from them.

Whilst home owners can conveniently hammer in a nail and hang a print or painting, renters do not constantly have this luxury. Fret not, even though, for the reason that our Rentovators have the answer, and yes, it is short-term and poses no threat to your bond.

“When you cannot hammer nails into the wall, you have to have to get inventive with how you show your artworks. In this space, we leant a big print against a mantelpiece that we made ourselves applying scrap wood.”

before after dining room

Lean art on a side table or mantelpiece for a no-nails way to add character. Image: The Rentovators

A different good suggests of hanging big artworks, aside from short-term hooks which can occasionally harm your walls additional, is by creating use of image rails. 

“Many older residences have a image rail on the walls. In this Victorian terrace, we have been capable to hang a couple of giant artworks to mask cracks and draw the eyes away.”

You may perhaps assume big artworks are high priced, but the duo reduce charges by getting the prints cheaply from a stock web-site. They then printed them at Officeworks and glued the pictures to a lightweight foam board.

large artworks

Image rails are a good way to temporarily hang artworks. Image: The Rentovators

two. Sheer curtains

Absolutely nothing says opulence very like the appear of sheer curtains billowing in the breeze. Floor-to-ceiling curtains can develop a luxe appear whilst, you guessed it, covering a big portion of broken walls. Not to mention the wonderful glowing impact they have on a space.

“We all want soft, diffused light in our residences – it is the perfect lighting for a selfie,” says Dan. “Sheer curtains diffuse harsh light, leaving your space photo-prepared at all occasions, but by opting for floor-to-ceiling curtains, you also make your space appear a complete lot taller.”

sheer curtains

Sheer curtains cast a luxurious, soft glow more than any space. Image: The Rentovators

three. DIY mantelpiece

The DIY mantle the Rentovating duo made didn’t just serve as a leaning post for the artwork it functioned as a way to cover cracks on its personal, as well.

“This space makeover took spot in a Victorian terrace, and against 1 of the walls, you could see the outline of a mantelpiece that had been removed,” says Dan.

“We discovered a mantel frame in a junkyard and applying a handful of pieces of scrap wood, nails and a fresh lick of paint, fashioned a new mantle to bring back that original touch of grandeur.”

DIY mantel peice

A exclusive way to add a touch of old-planet charm. Image: The Rentovators

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