What is Your Share Property Style Persona?


Various personalities imply diverse decor designs, and with so a lot of aesthetics fighting for interest, it can really hard to pinpoint the ‘house style’ in any share property. Worry not, even though, we’re right here to support you.

In some share homes, a makeshift bar requires pride of location on the mantle although stilettos explode out of wardrobes. In other people, you will uncover mouldy cheese subsequent to a slab of beer in the fridge, and all furnishings facing the Television.

Some can really feel like a living jungle with fiddle leaf figs subsequent to macrame and rattan furnishings, and other people have much more of an ‘IKEA showroom’ vibe.

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So, exactly where does your share property match in? We’ve summarised six typical share property designs beneath. Discover the category you ideal match into, and take cues from the starter packs.

Hot mess

The hot mess share property is fairly, but in a dishevelled way. There are hints of her sparkly character in metallic homewares – assume rose gold candelabras and a Gatsby-style bar cart.

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She’s got pricey taste (on the walls you may uncover a extremely-valued artwork or 3) but it is all compromised somewhat by the piles of glasses piling up in the sink.

Somehow, even though, the hot mess often appears fabulous and is often excellent for a hang.

Hot mess starter kit:

  • Neon wall art
  • Trendy floordrobe
  • Vintage bar cart with low-cost-as-chips gin


The beached-as share property may possibly not have any critical surfers living in it, but you will undoubtedly uncover a longboard or two gracing the living area. It is all component of the aesthetic.

All homewares are rattan, woven or crocheted and the colour scheme is all blues and sunny yellows.

Certain, your butt may get a bit sandy sitting on the beached-as couch, but you do not care ’cause it is all about these laid-back vibes, brah.

Beached as starter kit:

  • Hammock
  • Macrame decor
  • Sand… everywhere

Hippy dippy

Not as opposed to its inhabitants, the hippy dippy share property is complete of surprises.

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A pay a visit to inside is often a bit of an knowledge, and you will most likely uncover oneself questioning ‘what the hell is that?!’ in regards to some item or yet another in its ever-expanding collection of eclectic homewares.

Hippy dippy starter kit:

  • Paper lanterns
  • Dream catchers
  • Fairy lights

Yo pro alert

You may be mistaken for pondering the yo pro (young skilled) share property is not a share property at all… but a actual, grown-up residence.

Every thing inside is new, albeit from IKEA, but new nonetheless. You will not uncover any Gumtree seconds about these components.

There are often clean towels in the bathroom and the kitchen by no means has crumbs on the floor. And you much better think if you open the cupboard you will uncover these fancy stemless wine glasses staring back.

Yo pro starter kit:

  • Pristine kitchen
  • IKEA anything
  • Cleaning roster

Time warp

Travelling to the time warp share property feels like what we can only consider a trip in the time machine from the second Austin Powers film need to really feel like – a trippy, psychedelic dream.

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The shag rug is cosy underfoot, the orange kitchenware is retro-tastic and the couch is effectively-worn and comfy, like only a velvet couch from yet another decade can be.

Time warp starter kit:

  • Psychedelic prints
  • Corduroy couch
  • Gumtree anything

Bro property

The bro property undoubtedly has its downsides (sticky floor, questionable toilet state, and a lack of actual glassware) but it nonetheless has its personal style… you know, the discarded KFC bag and empty beer bottle appear.

We kid, but there is a thing a small scruffy in all the homewares selections – like, what is it about bro homes and black furnishings?

There’s no beating about the bush, the bro property could use a feminine touch.

Bro property starter kit:

  • Black furnishings
  • Black bedding
  • Black TV… at the centre of anything

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